Trade With The Best Trading Platform To Make Hassle-Free Transactions

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The good trading platform plays an important role in making trade easy and simple. The process of trading should be trouble-free and you will get prominent services only from trustworthy trading platform. Before hiring the best one, check out the primary features given below:

  • Multi Charts
  • built-in indicators and strategies
  • Easy Language scripts
  • high-precision back testing,
  • User-interface
  • Flexibility
  • Frequency cycle
  • Some other summary features

Why RoyalCBank is the best place to trade

If you are searching for a next-generation trading platform which creates an awesome way to move forward in trading, then visit RoyalCBank which is a fast, convenient and powerful trading platform launched last year. The RoyalCBank is loaded with a great set of features such as Commodity & Currency markets, Live Price updates for Equity, personalized watch lists over various exchanges like equity indices, futures contracts, forex and cryptocurrency, a tracker for tracking the real-time market worth of your stock holdings, commodity & currency, swift order placement for equity, instant trade support & real-time stock value notifications on your gadget. Aside from the core characteristics, its additional features incorporate withdrawal and funds transfer facility, order placement service even after the closing minutes of the market etc.

Why trade with RoyalCBank?

There are important features accessible for trading with RoyalCBank:

  • You can trade various segments at once
  • There are 40 credit charts and indicators.
  • They are united with 30 banks for online stock transfer.
  • There are different order types including Bracket Order, Stop Limit, and Cover.
  • Real-time update on positions, portfolio, and PnL.
  • RoyalCBank is accessible in the Google Play Store for Android users.

Finally, there are various advantages which you can make use while trading with RoyalCBank:

  • Trade and Call are free of cost.
  • No charge for install/download the software platform and free dealing in all segments
  • New peculiarities are constantly added in all update.
  • No clearance charges on NSE as RoyalCBank itself is a clearing member.
  • Customer care is best to deal with your concerns.