Telugu Movies About Happiness

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If you love to watch movies with great content and acting, Tollywood will be the best platform for you. These days, the demand for South movies is increasing. Whether it be watching in the cinema, Television, or YouTube, people prefer to watch South movies. People love the action of the South movies, and so it is reaching the top-level. Dubbed films of Indian movies online are becoming more popular, and people worldwide are watching them.

Another factor why south movie is reaching heights is Comedy. Comedy is included in all action, romantic, or thriller films. Tollywood does not fear introducing new actors and investing in new stories because people love the film if the content is vital. If we are talking about good content, then how can we forget the Gypsy? The movie you want to watch in a mood to keep you happy then Gypsy is the one.

Released on 6th March 2020, Gypsy is a Tamil- Indian language film. The writer and the director of the film are Raju Marugan. The music directors are Susheela Raman and Santhosh Narayan. The producer of the film Gypsy is Amberth Kumar. Fans appreciated the work done by the cinematographer Selvakumar S.K. The film leads include Jiiva as Gypsy, Natasha Singh as Waheeda, Lal Jose as Muthaleef, and Sunny Wayne as SakhavuBalam. The film’s budget is Rs. 6 Crore and the Box Office prediction was made for Rs 8 Crore. This movie can be watched along with friends, family and is 130 minutes long.

The film revolves around a character named Gypsy. Gypsy was a child of a couple who was Hindu and Muslim. A singer took care of the child when the couple got killed in a terror attack. The singer was about to die when he told Gypsy about a mystery. Gypsy had to solve the mystery by falling in love with someone. Gypsy falls in love with the film actress, whose name was Waheeda, when he goes to Nagor in search of the mystery. Overall, the movie is based on the love story of Gypsy and Waheeda and how they cross all the borders of love. The audience loved and praised the acting of Jiiva in the movie.

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