Online games and their types based on game play

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Online games and their types based on game play

The online games play through online mode and through personal computers, consoles, mobile devices. The games are played through the platforms. The games called console games, and browser games. Based on the interaction between the player and user interface the classification is given as player versus environment, player versus player. Based on number of players play the online games classified into first person shooters game, strategy game, massive multiplayer online game, multiplayer online battle game, battle royale games, and MUD.

Types of game genres played in the real world

It is a play where classification done based on type of play. Action games are played based on actions. The types of action games are platform games, shooting games, fighting games, stealth games, and others. Shooter games uses weapons to target enemies and finish them. Sports games are the genre in which players play the game as sports persons like car race, bike race, football, cricket, golf, and others. Graphics plays important role in this games. This is played with the computers or with other real players. quick boosting in wild rift is one example of boosting the multiplayer game.

Games structure components, and its techniques

The game is played by certain time after achieving some of the levels. Each level will give some points, rewards, and other prices to the players. In initial stages there will be limitation in the character’s ability. After crossing certain points, there are many features unlocked. At every stage the enemy’s power will increase and the level of the game become difficult. On playing a game there will be limited live given to the players after certain period, lives will be upgraded. Based on the game quality of the game varies like 2D and 3D.Virtual reality games are new variety based on latest technology.

Distribution of games based on platforms

Games are distributed through platforms. The platform where game available for personal computers, game consoles like Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation. Personal computers kept in the home the games can be downloaded from internet and install the executable file, and also through compact discs. In case of consoles it can be directly downloaded to console. Browser games are the games which can be played on the browsers. Social media games also available in the internet to play by the players. Quick boosting in wild rift is concept in which the game is boosted to improve the performance of the player. Players can play peacefully after applying boost.