Indoor Bike Racks: The Ways You Need them

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Fear of theft and damage to your property means that many people decide to keep the bicycle in the apartment. How to do it so as not to damage the walls and floors, and at the same time not reduce the visual qualities of the rooms?

Hiding a bike in a closet

If there is more than one two-wheeler in your home, consider installing a small wardrobe in the hallway. It is good to take this aspect into account especially when renovating or arranging a new apartment . Bikes in the closet can be placed vertically and attached to hooks or hangers.

Economically, the idea of hiding bikes in a closet may seem like an expensive solution, but on the other hand, you get wall and floor protection from dirt, and bikes are invisible to the environment.

Bicycle in room

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to skillfully camouflage a bike in an apartment, especially if we have a small area at our disposal. In this situation, however, it is good to somehow separate it from the rest of the room, for example, through an aesthetic screen. Remember to spread a rug under the bicycle so as not to damage the floor. The racks are the best choices for that kind of works and that is the reason you would need to visit now.

The bicycle as an element of interior design

Probably some people cannot imagine turning a two-wheeler into an apartment decoration. Meanwhile, it all depends on the openness to new solutions and the style of the bike itself and the interior design. In the arrangement concepts you can find many photos, which show a stylish bike with a nonchalantly overhanging scarf or a pile of magazines inserted into the bicycle basket. But what about the functionality of such a solution? Let’s face it, the bike takes up a lot of space, and secondly forces you to clean up more often.