Biggest Ticketing Industry Trends in 2020

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COVID-19 has so far dominated all the headlines in 2020, and has hit lots of businesses and industries really hard. Ticketing industry is one of such industries which have been affected by COVID-19. Industry members and ticket sellers all believe that do not see any good in their industry if the situation does not go back to normal pretty soon. All of the major event sites and events have been delayed or postponed. However, the experts are hopeful, and are updating with the latest data collected on COVID-19.

Here are some of the biggest industry trend predictions made by experts.


There is nothing in the ticketing industry that has not been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Lots of things are happening so quickly and covering everything in one article is literally impossible.  However, all of the industry seems united in most of the things.

Since the ticketing industry is all about outdoor activities, you can expect a huge blow to this industry due to the ban on large public gatherings. The event ticketing industry will suffer in the upcoming days and months as the ban persists and the events keep getting postponed. However m, most of the industry leaders are trying really hard to help the industry go through these hard times with ease.

Ticket Refund Protection

In the start of this year when the coronavirus outbreak was near, more people in areas like Yale were buying ticket insurance. Refund protection providers are now clear about their standing these days. They seem very clear about the things happening in their industry and about the postponements and cancelations.

Most of the booking protection companies have clearly stated that they will not entertain any refunds regarding the COVID-19 since it has been declared a global pandemic by the WHO.