Got a suggestion for us? Let us know. Send us an email b. Can Apple monitor my stolen Macbook via IP addresses? Please enable JavaScript on your browser before moving. ¬†wondering if anybody knows if Apple could monitor my MacBook which was stolen Thursday out of my residence? I find that difficult to trust, although They’ve told me they couldn’t. Surely every time a person reproduces my pc on the web and it hunts for software upgrades (which it will automatically) Apple can trace its place could not they? Mac stuff on it and had all my photos until I had a chance to back them up in my new 27, and it was stolen by the AH.

I doubt Apple would help you out and there is simply no way for them to locate your IP (that is if for any reason they transmit your serial number if upgrade assessing ) without a great deal of work. I propose installing Prey in your own system (or brand new program ) if you receive it back again. It might help you monitors your computer yourself whether it is stolen. It’s not feasible for Apple to achieve that. There are not IP addresses connected with those serial numbers, although they may have a listing of serial numbers of Macs bought. Apple told you the reality. wat is mijn ip? Even though Apple did know is to provide advice to the regional government. Apple is on no account obliged to locate your personal computer, nor is it profitable for them to achieve that.

Can Apple Track Down My Stolen Macbook Through IP Addresses?

Visit the authorities, as that is going to be your best option if you understand the IP of your Mac. I strongly suggest Prey too. Thanks so far. That prey app is wonderful. I’ve started traveling across the countries and this can be a bad idea. I reported that my MacBook missing and it did what it said it could do and took a photograph of my located the speech I’m at. The answer is. Not don’t occur. Address; the serial number in no stage is a fixture of any type. The only way is for those who had some kind of monitoring software installed on your notebook computer. These are good supposing the offender that destroys the notebook is the idiot and joins it since it is/was.